Day: 19 July 2020


वर्णविच्छेदः & वर्णसंयोगः  वर्णविच्छेदः (varṇavicchedaḥ): This is the separation of letters (वर्णानि) of a certain word (शब्दः). e.g.- जननी = ज् + अ + न् + अ + न् + ई। भगवत् = भ् + अ + ग् + अ + व् + अ + त्। वर्णसंयोगः (varṇasaṃyogaḥ): This is the combination of different letters …

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अयोगवाहौ (Ayogavāhau) are Varnas in Sanskrit which always come after vowels. They cannot be pronounced by themselves. There are two such letters- विसर्गः (Visargaḥ) (ः) and अनुस्वारः (Anusvāraḥ) (ं). विसर्गः (Visargaḥ)– This अयोगवाहः (Ayogavāhaḥ) represents a repetitive sound which has the sound of the letter ह् (H) and the vowel that came before it. Its …

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व्यञ्जनानि (Vyañjanāni) are the consonants of Sanskrit. They are 33 in number. Consonants, when not mixed with any vowel, are hard to pronounce. Hence, they are mixed with a vowel to create a syllable. Consonants can also be joined with other consonants to create conjunct consonants. There are two main types of consonants- वर्गीय-व्यञ्जनानि (Vargīya-Vyañjanāni), …

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