सम्बन्धसूचकाः शब्दाः
(sambandhasūcakāḥ śabdāḥ)
Family Relations in Sanskrit

सम्बन्धसूचकाः शब्दाः (sambandhasūcakāḥ śabdāḥ) means list of Family Relations. We have listed them in Sanskrit along with their English and Hindi names for all of us to learn and understand. 

जनकः (janakaḥ)

English: Father

Hindi: पिता

जननी (jananī)

English: Mother

Hindi: माता

पुत्रः (putraḥ)

English: Son

Hindi: बेटा

पुत्री (putrī)

English: Daughter

Hindi: बेटी

पितामहः (pitāmahaḥ)

English: Paternal Grandfather

Hindi: दादा

पितामही (pitāmahī)

English: Paternal Grandmother

Hindi: दादी

मातामहः (mātāmahaḥ)

English: Maternal Grandfather

Hindi: नाना

मातामही (mātāmahī)

English: Maternal Grandmother

Hindi: नानी

पौत्री (pautrī)

English: Granddaughter

Hindi: पोती

पौत्रः (pautraḥ)

English: Grandson

Hindi: पोता

भ्राता (bhrātā)

English: Brother

Hindi: भाई

भगिनी (bhaginī)

English: Sister

Hindi: बहन

अनुजः (anujaḥ)

English: Younger Brother

Hindi: छोटा भाई

अनुजा (anujā)

English: Younger Sister

Hindi: छोटी बहन

अग्रजः (agrajaḥ)

English: Elder Brother

Hindi: बड़ा भाई

अग्रजा (agrajā)

English: Elder Sister

Hindi: बड़ी बहन

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