सूक्तयः Axioms

Sanskrit Axioms on Friendship

An axiom (sūktayaḥ) is a statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.
In Sanskrit literature, there are many ways in which wisdom is imparted. Axioms were one of the ways used by wise men to explain difficult things in an easy to understand way for the general public.
We have listed Sanskrit axioms related to friendship in this post for all of us to learn and understand.

आपादि मित्रपरीक्षा।

āpādi mitraparīkṣā।
Difficult times prove who a real friend is.
आपत्ति (संकट काल) में मित्र की परीक्षा होती है।

Axion on Friendship in Sanskrit

कृशे कस्य अस्ति सौह्रदम्।

kṛśe kasya asti sauhradam।
Does a weak person have friends?
कमजोर का कौन मित्र होता है?

सर्वे मित्राणि समृद्धिकाले।

sarve mitrāṇi samṛddhikāle।
Everybody becomes your friend when you are rich.
समृद्विकाल में सब मित्र बनते हैं।

Sanskrit Axioms on Friendship