Sanskrit Verbs

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One can learn how to categorise verbs, recognise their forms and many more things.
Verbs in Sanskrit ave a root, which is called as a धातुः (Dhātuḥ). Suffxes are added to a root to create a verb. Verbs' forms are influenced by the type of verb, grammatical number (singular, plural and dual) and grammatical person (third person, second person, first person) and their tense.

  • Types of Verbs

    In Sanskrit, verbs are categorised according to different conditions. Here, the different types of verbs and why they are categorised so will be explained here.

  • Grammatical Numbers

    In Sanskrit, these are known as वचनानि (Vacanāni). Namely, एकवचनम् (Ekavacanam) (Singular), द्विवचनम् (Dvivacanam) (Dual), and बहुवचनम् (Bahuvacanam) (Plural).  

  • Upapada-Vibhaktiḥ

    In Sanskrit, it is written as उपपद-विभक्तिः. A word/verb which requires a specific Kārakam of the word used in accordance with it that cannot change under any circumstances is called an उपपद-विभक्तिः (Upapada-Vibhaktiḥ).

  • Tenses

    In Sanskrit, this is known as लकाराः (Lakārāḥ). There are ten tenses. Each of their meaning is different and unique. Due to this, clear communication of meaning happens. Also, in Sanskrit, there are no simple or continuous tenses.

  • Verb Forms

    In Sanskrit, the forms of verbs are known as धातुरूपाणि (Dhāturūpāṇi). They are influenced by the type of verb, its grammatical number, its grammatical person and the tense.

  • Suffixes

    In Sanskrit, these are known as प्रत्ययाः (Pratyayāḥ). Besides the suffixes added to verbs for tenses, there are some suffixes added to the roots of verbs. After these are added, that form of the verb will remain the same. These suffixes modify the meaning of the verb a bit.

  • Prefixes

    In Sanskrit, prefixes are known as उपसर्गाः (Upasargāḥ). After a prefix is added to a verb, it meaning is slightly modified, or it can change.

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