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Varṇās are letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. There are a total of 46 basic letters.  There are two main types of letters in Sanskrit- the स्वराः  (Svarāḥ) which are the 13 vowels and the व्यञ्जनानि (Vyañjanāni) which are the 33 consonants.  Words in Sanskrit are made by a mixture of vowels and consonants to create a letter.  Also, there are two varṇās which come after a vowel and cannot be pronounced by themselves. These are known as the आयोगवाहौ (Āyogavāhau).

Sanskrit alphabet is called वर्णमाला (Varṇamālā), meaning garland of letters. The वर्णमाला (Varṇamālā) contains all the letters of Sanskrit
स्वराः (Svarāḥ), are vowels of the Sanskrit alphabet. They are also known as अच् (Ac), as in the
The Māheśvarī-Sūtrāṇi are fourteen sounds which contain all the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. Lord Shiva, when he
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