Colours names in Sanskrit

In Sanskrit वर्णानां नामानि (varṇānāṃ nāmāni) means Names of Colours.

This list is very helpful for students and newbies interested in learning Sanskrit.

The Sanskrit words listed here are exhaustive and have been referenced from different Indian texts.

When we learn any new language, we tend to first learn basic and common words. This list has names of colours (colors) in Sanskrit, its transliteration along with English and Hindi meaning for everyone's benefit.

Colour Names - 1

श्वेतः (śvetaḥ)

English: White

Hindi: सफ़ेद

Colour Names - 2

नारङ्गम् (nāraṅgam)

English: Orange

Hindi: संतरी

Colour Names - 3

नीलः (nīlaḥ)

English: Blue

Hindi: नीला

Colour Names - 4

कृष्णः (kṛṣṇaḥ)

English: Black

Hindi: काला

Colour Names - 5

हरितः (haritaḥ)

English: Green

Hindi: हरा

Colour Names - 6

मेघवर्णः (meghavarṇaḥ)

English: Grey

Hindi: धूसर

Colour Names - 7

पाटलः (pāṭalaḥ)

English: Pink

Hindi: गुलाबी

Colour Names - 8

पीतः (pītaḥ)

English: Yellow

Hindi: पीला

Colour Names - 9

रक्तः (raktaḥ)

English: Red

Hindi: लाल

Colour Names - 10

पाण्डुरम् (pāṇḍuram)

English: Saffron

Hindi: केसरिया

Colour Names - 11

धूमलवर्णः (dhūmalavarṇaḥ)

English: Purple

Hindi: बैंगनी

Colour Names - 12

कपिशः (kapiśaḥ)

English: Brown

Hindi: भूरा

Colour Names - 13

सुवर्णः (suvarṇaḥ)

English: Golden

Hindi: सुनहरा

Colour Names - 14

रजतवर्णः (rajatavarṇaḥ)

English: Silver

Hindi: रजत वर्ण