Fruit names in Sanskrit

In Sanskrit फलानां नामानि (phalānāṃ nāmāni) means Names of Fruits.

This list is very helpful for students and newbies interested in learning Sanskrit.

The Sanskrit words listed here are exhaustive and have been referenced from different Indian texts.

When we learn any new language, we tend to first learn basic and common words. This list has names of fruits in Sanskrit, its transliteration along with English and Hindi meaning for everyone's benefit.

Fruit Names - 1
mango fruit by netalloy

आम्रम् (āmram)

English: Mango

Hindi: आम

Mangoes vary in size, shape, colour and sweetness. The skin colour may be pale yellow, gold, or orange when ripe. They are green in colour when not ripe.  

Fruit Names - 2

आग्रलम् (āgralam)

English: Guava

Hindi: अमरूद

Guavas are long, round or oval. The outer skin is usually green before maturity and may be yellow or green when ripe.

Fruit Names - 3

दाडिमम् (dāḍimam)

English: Pomegranate

Hindi: अनार

Pomegranates are generally maroon in colour with an outer hard skin and inner spongy wall where seeds (red) attach.

Fruit Names - 4

द्राक्षाफलम् (drākṣāphalam)

English: Grapes

Hindi: अंगूर

Grapes grow in clusters of 15 to 300. Their colour can be crimson, black, dark blue, yellow, green, orange or pink. Their taste can be sour or sweet.

Fruit Names - 5

नारङ्गम् (nāraṅgam)

English: Orange

Hindi: संतरा

Oranges mostly grown in tropical and subtropical climates. They are generally sweet to taste. Sometimes they can be sour.

Fruit Names - 6

मधुकर्कटी (madhukarkaṭī)

English: Papaya

Hindi: पपीता

Papaya fruit is a large berry. Its skin attains an amber or orange shade and feels soft when it is ripe. There are seeds inside it which are black in colour.

Fruit Names - 7

कदलीफलम् (kadalīphalam)

English: Banana

Hindi: केला

Banana fruits develop in a large hanging cluster. The hanging cluster is known as a bunch. Banana fruits have been described as a leathery berry.

Fruit Names - 8
plum - coloured

जम्बूफलम् (jambūphalam)

English: Java plum or Black plum

Hindi: जामुन

Java plum or Black plum are purple in colour with a combination of sweet and sour taste. It is native to the Indian Subcontinent and surrounding regions.

Fruit Names - 9