Sanskrit Composition

Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language which is now becoming popular worldwide due to renewed interest in the Vedas, Upanishads and other Sanatan Dharma scriptures.

In this section you will be able to read and learn about Sanskrit Proverbs, Axioms, Essays, and Shlokas among other things.

Sanskrit composition

Sanskrit Proverbs - सुभाषितानि (Subhāṣitāni)

Sanskrit Proverbs

Proverbs are simple, traditional sayings that express a perceived truth based on common sense or experience. They are also considered as verses that convey words of wisdom.

This section lists Sanskrit Proverbs on Wisdom, Foolishness, Virtues, Knowledge, Friendship among other things.

Sanskrit Axioms - सूक्तयः (sūktayaḥ)

A statement or proposition which is regarded as self-evidently true. In Sanskrit Literature, there are many ways in which wisdom is imparted.

Axioms are one of the ways, used by wise men to explain difficult things in an easy to understand way, to the general public.

This section lists Sanskrit Axioms on Wealth, Wisdom, Virtues, Friendship among others.

Sanskrit composition

Sanskrit Essays - निबन्धाः (nibandhāḥ)

Sanskrit composition

An essay is a piece of writing on a particular subject. Essays can be classified as formal and informal.

This section lists Essays known as निबन्धाः (nibandhāḥ) in Sanskrit with transliteration and translation in English & Hindi. Anyone interested in Sanskrit can read, understand and learn.

श्लोकाः (ślokāḥ) - Sanskrit Shlokas

Shlokas are verses or a song in Sanskrit, which are in poetic form. Many shlokas consist of four quarter-verses of 8 syllables each or two half-verses of 16 syllables each.

This section lists many Shlokas with transliteration, along with translation in English and Hindi. Anyone interested, can read, understand and learn them from here.

Sanskrit Composition

Other Interesting Sections

Grammar: This section has  topics or sub-sections for learners interested in understanding and learning Sanskrit Grammar. Most of the posts have been created such that they are simple and easy to understand. The sequence to be followed for quick grasping of the Sanskrit Grammar concepts is also given on the Grammar page.

Vocabulary: When we take up the task of learning a new language either out of interest for that language or for some other reason, we tend to look for options to learn the basics first. This section has posts divided in various topics which help to develop one’s vocabulary in Sanskrit. A list of many such topics is mentioned in the list below.

Blog: Sanskrit is considered to be one of the oldest languages to be in existence. As per the article “Sanskrit & Artificial Intelligence”, which appeared in AI (Artificial Intelligence) magazine in spring of 1985, written by NASA researcher Rick Briggs, it is mentioned that a natural language like Sanskrit can serve as an artificial language also, which can be used for AI programming.
Apart from Sanskrit Grammar, Composition and Vocabulary sections, this section has many articles which talk about the importance of Sanskrit among other things.


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