Sanskrit Composition

Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language which is now becoming popular due to renewed interest in the Vedas, Upanishads and other Sanatan Dharma scriptures.
In this section you will be able to read about Sanskrit Proverbs, Axioms, Essays, and Shlokas among other things.

Sanskrit Proverbs, subhāṣitāni, सुभाषितानि, Subashitas

सुभाषितानि (subhāṣitāni) Sanskrit Proverbs

Verses that convey words of wisdom

सूक्तयः (sūktayaḥ) Sanskrit Axioms

A statement or proposition which is regarded as self-evidently true.

sanskrit essay

अनुच्छेदाः (anucchedāḥ) Short Sanskrit Essays

An essay is a piece of writing that states an author’s argument. Essays have been classified as formal and informal. 
Here, we have shared short essays, which anyone interested in learning Sanskrit can read, understand and learn.

श्लोकाः (ślokāḥ) Sanskrit Shlokas

Shlokas are verses in poetic form.

shlokas, slokas
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