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सन्धिः (sandhiḥ) is a grammar topic in Sanskrit. Here, there are two words: The word before and the word after the first one.

In Sandhi, the last letter of the first word and the first letter of the other word are combined together.

There are three types of सन्धिः (Sandhiḥ) which are as follows:

  • स्वरसन्धिः (svarasandhiḥ)
  • व्यञ्जनसन्धिः (vyañjanasandhiḥ)
  • विसर्गसन्धिः (visargasandhiḥ)

Details of the above mentioned three types of सन्धिः (Sandhiḥ) are given below:

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Chapter - 1

svara sandhiḥ

In Svara Sandhiḥ, two vowels are combined together and changes happen in them.

Learn Svara Sandhiḥ of Sanskrit Language

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Chapter - 2

vyañjana sandhiḥ

Visarga Sandhiḥ is a type of Sandhiḥ in which a visarga and other letters are combined together.

Learn Vyañjana Sandhiḥ of Sanskrit language

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Chapter - 3

visarga Sandhiḥ

This is a kind of Sandhiḥ where consonants are combined with consonants. This kind of Sandhi happens mainly with consonants. However, sometimes both consonants and vowels can be combined too.

Learn Visarga Sandhiḥ of Sanskrit language

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