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In this Sanskrit Blog section you will be able to read about interesting and lesser known facts, information and tit bits about Sanskrit and other related stuff. 

Sanskrit Blog
Importance of 108 in Sanatan Dharma

This is a post on the importance of 108 as mentioned in the ancient Sanatan dharma i.e. Hinduism scriptures. | सनातन धर्म में 108 का महत्व।

Time in Sanskrit

Learn to tell time in Sanskrit with English and Hindi translation. | संस्कृत में समय बताना सीखें। ०१ : ०० - एकवादनम् | ०२ : ०० - द्विवादनम् | ०३ : ०० - त्रिवादनम्

Other Interesting Sections

Grammar: This section has  topics or sub-sections for learners interested in understanding and learning Sanskrit Grammar. Most of the posts have been created such that they are simple and easy to understand. The sequence to be followed for quick grasping of the Sanskrit Grammar concepts is also given on the Grammar page.

Composition: This section has many interesting topics or sub-sections like Sanskrit Essays, Proverbs, Axioms and Hymns & Chants. All of these sub-sections have a lot of content which is useful for school students as well as newbie Sanskrit learners. Apart from the content in Sanskrit, Transliteration, meaning in English and Hindi is also given for better understanding and learning.

Vocabulary: When we take up the task of learning a new language either out of interest for that language or for some other reason, we tend to look for options to learn the basics first. This section has posts divided in various topics which help to develop one’s vocabulary in Sanskrit. A list of many such topics is mentioned in the list below.


Sanskrit Grammar


Sanskrit composition


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