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पदानि (padāni) are the words in Sanskrit. In this section, one can learn about the types of words, prefixes, suffixes, grammatical voices, tenses, cases and more.

There are three grammatical genders, three grammatical numbers and eight cases. The ending of the words are decided according to their grammatical gender, number and case which when combined create a specific meaning.

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Chapter - 1

Grammatical Numbers Persons and Genders

Sanskrit words and verbs are influenced by factors like grammatical numbers, grammatical genders and grammatical persons.

Learn Grammatical Numbers, Persons and Genders of Sanskrit Language

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Chapter - 2

Sanskrit Cases and Tenses

Word cases are the forms of a particular word in which every form is used in a particular context and has a specific meaning. There are ten tenses. There are no simple or continuous tenses.

Learn Cases and Tenses of Sanskrit language

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Chapter - 3

Word Forms

In Sanskrit, these are known as शब्दरूपाणि (śabdarūpāṇi). They change according to the end of each word.

Learn Word Cases of Sanskrit language

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Chapter - 4

Word Classes

Word Classes are known as शब्दप्रकाराः (śabdaprakārāḥ) in Sanskrit. There are five main word classes: नामपदानि i.e. Nouns, सर्वनामपदानि i.e. Pronouns, विशेषणपदानि i.e. Adjectives, क्रियाविशेषणपदानि i.e. Adverbs and क्रियापदानि i.e. Verbs

Learn Word Classes of Sanskrit language

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Chapter - 5


In Sanskrit, suffixes are known as प्रत्ययाः (pratyayāḥ). Besides the suffixes that are added to verbs for tenses, there are some suffixes which are added to verbs which modify their meaning.

Learn and understand Sanskrit suffixes

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Chapter - 6


In Sanskrit, prefixes are known as उपसर्गाः (upasargāḥ). The work of prefixes is to modify or change the meaning of a root.

Learn Sanskrit Prefixes

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Chapter - 7

उपपदविभक्तयः upapadavibhaktayaḥ

Learn and understand upapadavibhaktayaḥ

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Chapter - 8

Grammatical Voices

In Sanskrit, Grammatical Voices are called प्रोयगः (proyagaḥ). In Sanskrit there are three voices, unlike in english where there are two. These voices are based on whether the verb is transitive or intransitive.

Learn Sanskrit Grammatical Voices

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