Dialogue Writing - Basic

Among the various ways in which people learn Sanskrit, a popular way is dialogue writing. Here learners read a conversation between two or more people.

Through this study process, learners improve on their vocabulary, sentence formation skills and general composition techniques.

In this section, one can find many dialogue writing topics which have multiple dialogues. Dialogue writing is called as सम्भाषणलेखनम् (sambhāṣaṇalekhanam) in Sanskrit and is useful for Sanskrit learners.

Dialogue writing basic

Basic Dialogue Writing on Beach in Sanskrit, English, Hindi, and transliteration. "समुद्रतटः" इति विषये सम्भाषणलेखनम् | समुद्र तट पर मूल संवाद लेखन.

Basic Dialogue Writing on Marketplace in Sanskrit with translation in English and Hindi | बाजार पर मूल संवाद लेखन | क्रयविक्रयस्थानम् इति विषये सम्भाषणलेखनम्

Basic Dialogue Writing on Family in Sanskrit with translation in English and Hindi | परिवार पर मूल संवाद लेखन | "परिवारः" इति विषये सम्भाषणलेखनम्

Subhashitas | संस्कृत सुभाषितानि

Other Interesting topics

Apart from the short Sanskrit essays listed in this section, you can also read Sanskrit Axioms, Sanskrit Proverbs, Sanskrit Vocabulary etc. from the links below: