वर्णविच्छेदः वर्णसंयोगः च
Varṇavicchedaḥ and varṇasaṃyogaḥ

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By now, you must have familiarized yourself with and learnt the Maheshwari Sutrani, Sanskrit Alphabet, Sanskrit Vowels, Sanskrit Consonants and Ayogavahau in chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

In this chapter we will learn the वर्णविच्छेदः वर्णसंयोगः च (Varṇavicchedaḥ and varṇasaṃyogaḥ)

Learning this chapter will help you:

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वर्णविच्छेदः वर्णसंयोगः च
Varṇavicchedaḥ and varṇasaṃyogaḥ

वर्णविच्छेदः (varṇavicchedaḥ):

This is the separation of letters (वर्णाः) of a certain word (शब्दः). e.g.-
जननी = ज् + अ + न् + अ + न् + ई।
भगवत् = भ् + अ + ग् + अ + व् + अ + त्।

वर्णसंयोगः (varṇasaṃyogaḥ):

This is the combination of different letters (वर्णाः) to form a word (शब्दः). e.g.-
ज् + अ + न् + अ + न् + ई = जननी।
भ् + अ + ग् + अ + व् + अ + त् = भगवत्।

Note: Whenever an अयोगवाहः (ayogavāhaḥ) is found in a word, it is written along with the vowel (स्वरः) it is accompanying. e.g.- देवः = द् + अ + व् + अः।

Note: By doing वर्णविच्छेदः (varṇavicchedaḥ), one can know how the word’s cases will be. One can know this by looking at the letter which is at the end of the word.

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