Vehicle Names in Sanskrit

Learn Vehicle names in Sanskrit, its transliteration along with English and Hindi meaning for better understanding.

An exhaustive list of Vehicle names in Sanskrit is listed here with their English and Hindi names. List of Vehicle names is called वाहनानाम् नामानि in Sanskrit.

This list is very helpful for students and newbies interested in learning Sanskrit.

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In Sanskrit, Bicycle is known as द्विचक्रिका (dvicakrikā) and साईकिल in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Auto-Rickshaw is known as त्रिचक्रिकायानम् (tricakrikāyānam) and रिक्शा in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Train is known as रेलयानम् (relayānam) and रेलगाड़ी in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Truck is known as ट्रकवाहनम् (ṭrakavāhanam) and ट्रक or लाॅरी in Hindi.

Note: Truck is also called a Lorry in the United Kingdom and many common wealth countries.

In Sanskrit, Boat is known as नौका (naukā) or प्लवः (plavaḥ) and नाव in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Airplane is known as विमानम् (vimānam) and हवाई जहाज in Hindi.

Note: References to artificial flying objects can be found in ancient Sanatan Dharma a.k.a. Hinduism scriptures e.g. the Ramayana

In Sanskrit, Car is known as कारयानम् (kārayānam) and कार in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Bus is known as बसयानम् (basayānam) and बस in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Chariot is known as रथः (rathaḥ) and रथ in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Ambulance is known as रुग्णवाहनम् (rugṇavāhanam) and एम्ब्युलंस in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Ship is known as पोतः (potaḥ) and समुद्री जहाज in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Motorcycle is known as यन्त्रद्विचक्रिका (yantradvicakrikā) and मोटर-साइकिल in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Helicopter is known as उदग्रगानम् (udagragānam) and हेलीकॉप्टर in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Fire Engine or Fire Truck is known as अग्निशमनयन्त्रम् (agniśamanayantram) and दमकल or फ़ायर-इंजन in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Jeep is known as दुर्गयानम् (durgayānam) and जीप in Hindi.

In Sanskrit, Tank is known as लोहरथः (loharathaḥ) and टैंक in Hindi.

Note: Some people also refer to a army tank as टैंकवाहनम् (ṭaiṃkavāhanam).

In Sanskrit, Bullock Cart is known as ऋषभशकटम् (ṛṣabhaśakaṭam) and बैलगाड़ी in Hindi.

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