Sanskrit Names of Family Relations

Learn Sanskrit Names of Family Relations along with English and Hindi meaning for better understanding.

In Sanskrit सम्बन्धसूचकाः शब्दाः (sambandhasūcakāḥ śabdāḥ) means list of Family Relations.

This list is very helpful for students and newbies interested in learning Sanskrit.

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Father – जनकः

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In Sanskrit, Father is called as जनकः (janakaḥ) and पिता in Hindi.

Mother – जननी

In Sanskrit, Mother is called as जननी (jananī) and माता in Hindi.

Son – पुत्रः

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In Sanskrit, Son is called as पुत्रः (putraḥ) and बेटा in Hindi.

Daughter – पुत्री

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In Sanskrit, Daughter is called as पुत्री (putrī) and बेटी in Hindi.

Paternal Grandfather – पितामहः

In Sanskrit, Paternal Grandfather is called as पितामहः (pitāmahaḥ) and दादा in Hindi.

Paternal Grandmother – पितामही

In Sanskrit, Paternal Grandmother is called as पितामही (pitāmahī) and दादी in Hindi.

Paternal great grandfather – प्रपितामहः

In Sanskrit, Paternal great grandfather is called as प्रपितामहः (prapitāmahaḥ) and परदादा in Hindi.

Paternal great grandmother – प्रपितामही

In Sanskrit, Paternal great grandmother is called as प्रपितामही (prapitāmahī) and परदादी in Hindi.

Maternal Grandfather – मातामहः

In Sanskrit, Maternal Grandfather is called as मातामहः (mātāmahaḥ) and नाना in Hindi.

Maternal Grandmother – मातामही

In Sanskrit, Maternal Grandmother is called as मातामही (mātāmahī) and नानी in Hindi.

Maternal great grandfather – प्रमातामहः

In Sanskrit, Maternal great grandfather is called as प्रमातामहः (pramātāmahaḥ) and परनाना in Hindi.

Maternal great grandmother – मातामही

In Sanskrit, Maternal great grandmother is called as प्रमातामही (pramātāmahī) and परनानी in Hindi.

Grandson – पौत्रः

In Sanskrit, Grandson is called as पौत्रः (pautraḥ) and पोता in Hindi.

Granddaughter – पौत्री

In Sanskrit, Granddaughter is called as पौत्री (pautrī) and पोती in Hindi.

Brother – भ्राता

In Sanskrit, Brother is called as भ्राता (bhrātā) and भाई in Hindi.

Sister – भगिनी

In Sanskrit, Sister is called as भगिनी (bhaginī) and बहन in Hindi.

Younger Brother – अनुजः

In Sanskrit, Younger Brother is called as अनुजः (anujaḥ) and छोटा भाई in Hindi.

Younger Sister – अनुजा

In Sanskrit, Younger Sister is called as अनुजा (anujā) and छोटी बहन in Hindi.

Elder Brother – अग्रजः

In Sanskrit, Elder Brother is called as अग्रजः (agrajaḥ) and बड़ा भाई in Hindi.

Elder Sister – अग्रजा

In Sanskrit, Elder Sister is called as अग्रजा (agrajā) and बड़ी बहन in Hindi.

Paternal Uncle – पितृव्यः

In Sanskrit, Paternal Uncle is called as पितृव्यः (pitṛvyaḥ) and चाचा in Hindi.

Paternal Aunt – पितृव्या

In Sanskrit, Paternal Aunt is called as पितृव्या (pitṛvyā) and चाची in Hindi.

Maternal Uncle – मातुलः

In Sanskrit, Maternal Uncle is called as मातुलः (mātulaḥ) and मामा in Hindi.

Maternal Aunt – मातुलानी

In Sanskrit, Maternal Aunt is called as मातुलानी (mātulānī) and मामी in Hindi.

Father-in-law – श्वशुरः

In Sanskrit, Maternal Uncle is called as श्वशुरः (śvaśuraḥ) and ससुर in Hindi.

Mother-in-law – श्वश्रूः

In Sanskrit, Mother-in-law is called as श्वश्रूः (śvaśrūḥ) and सास in Hindi.

Brother-in-law (Sister’s husband) – आवुत्तः

In Sanskrit, Brother-in-law (Sister’s husband) is called as आवुत्तः (āvuttaḥ) and बहनोई in Hindi.

Sister-in-law (Brother’s wife) – भ्रातृजाया

In Sanskrit, Sister-in-law (Brother’s wife) is called as भ्रातृजाया (bhrātṛjāyā) and भाभी in Hindi.

Son-in-law – जामाता

In Sanskrit, Son-in-law is called as जामाता (jāmātā) and दामाद in Hindi.

Daughter-in-law – स्नुषा | पुत्रवधू

In Sanskrit, Daughter-in-law is called as स्नुषा (snuṣā) or पुत्रवधू (putravadhū) and बहू in Hindi.

Nephew (Brother’s son) – भ्रातृपुत्रः

In Sanskrit, Nephew (Brother’s son) is called as भ्रातृपुत्रः (bhrātṛputraḥ) and भतीजा in Hindi.

Nephew (Sister’s son) – भागिनेयः

In Sanskrit, Nephew (Sister’s son) is called as भागिनेयः (bhāgineyaḥ) and भांजा in Hindi.

Sister-in-law (Husband’s sister) – ननान्दृ

In Sanskrit, Sister-in-law (Husband’s sister) is called as ननान्दृ (nanāndṛ) and ननंद in Hindi.

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