Sanskrit Grammar

Sanskrit is an ancient and beautiful language. Contrary to the perception that people have, its grammar is quite simple and easy to understand.
Learning Sanskrit grammar will help one in understanding Sanskrit literature at its source.
Sanskrit is written in the देवनागरी script. In sanskrit words have forms. All of the nouns, pronouns, etc. have cases, whereas verbs have forms.
This helps one to know the exact meaning of the word.

Sanskrit Proverbs, subhāṣitāni, सुभाषितानि, Subashitas

वर्णाः (varṇāḥ) Sanskrit Letters

In Sanskrit, Letters are known as वर्णाः (varṇāḥ). These letters of the sanskrit alphabet are 46 in number.

शब्दाः (śabdāḥ) Sanskrit Words

In Sanskrit, Words are known as शब्दाः (śabdāḥ). There are three grammatical genders, three grammatical numbers and eight cases. In words, endings are different and according to that, their cases change.

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क्रियापदाः (kriyāpadāḥ) Sanskrit Verbs

Verbs are known as क्रियापदाः (kriyāpadāḥ) in Sanskrit. They are of many different types. Even the way they are categorised depends on the circumstances.